Backpainted Whiteboard

Bear Glass whiteboards is the leading innovator in the development of glass visual displays. We offer a sleek and modern look message board to any conference room, office, classroom, hospital, or any other highly visible setting. Our glass visual displays are available in clear, starphire, white, as well as custom colors. Message board is an important part of your office. Through a message board you can share your ideas skillfully to the mass.

A back painted piece of glass is simply a piece of opaque glass that has been painted on one side and viewed from the other. Back painted glass gives the effect of a high glaze over any color or pattern you're looking to create. While back painted glass may sound like a fun and easy craft project for the weekend, to achieve a high-end back painted glass look, you actually need the help of professionals.


Benefits of whiteboard

white board

Glass Bulletin Boards or Glass Whiteboard has some benefits. They are as follows :

  • Long Lasting

  • Provides Good Contrast

  • Easy to Clean

  • Easy to preserve

  • Add Sophistication and stylish look to your Room

Different types

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Bear Glass knows that every customer needs uniqueness. So we offer an unlimited options of customized Glass Message Boards for you.