Shower Door

Backpainted glass shower door is a cheap cost but elegant looking shower door. Painted glass can make your shower room more attractive. Bear Glass provides high quality backpainted glass in U.S.A. We provide variety of backpainted shwer entryway. It is a cheap cost product as well as it gives an ultra modern look to your shower room.

Backpainted enclosures are very popular. We generally use starphire glass, which is also know as low iron glass. You can also customized your shower door by the use of backpainted acid etched glass, regular glass etc. Bear Glass can match any color you want for your Back Painted Glass needs.

We have a huge collection for shower door

Shower door

backpainted glass shower door

If you want a beautiful shower door you can try a backpainted frameless shower door. We also provide painted sliding shower door. There a wide variety of color for backpainting at Bear Glass. You can also install a backpainted framed shower door. It is also good looking and cheap cost.

Shower screen

backpainted glass shower door

Backpainted glass shower screens are also very popular in these days. We provide framed, frameless, semi-frameless backpainted shower screen. We also provide steam shower door and screen.


Bathtub door

backpainted glass shower door

Bear Glass offers the best quality backpainted glass for bathtub door at a competitive price. We provide the best service for shower door. Sliding, framed swing, frameless or semi-frameless bathtub door are also available at Bear Glass.

Bathtub Screen

backpainted glass shower door

Bear Glass provide unlimited stock of backpainted galss bathtub screen in NY.