Glass railings

Backpainted glass railings are amazing in a word. Bear Glass offers you the finest choice of glass railings that improves your interior like a magic. Our standard designs have affordable prices and can be installed easily by passionate handymen or your local carpenter. Just send us your layouts or measurements and we will prepare a budget quote for you.

backpainted glass railing

Simple or creative

Glass railings can be simple or creative. In any case it is unique. The openness comes from the glass increases the space and save energy by allowing natural lights to play its role. Clear glass is the common choice for glass railing in most of the architectural projects. Its simplicity is its beauty. Low iron glass is a great option. It is more clear and allow lights through it without any distortion.


Glass stairs

Painted glass staircases are usually being made using combination of 3/8'' annealed glass and 1'' glass laminated together. But we can offer more combinations than anyone else for your Glass Staircases projects.

Perfect complement

As leading we pride ourselves on the quality and price of our products. Call us happy to assist you with your Glass today and we will be more than Staircases projects. A glass staircase lends a sense of contemporary exclusivity to a space; a perfect complement to a modern space or a striking feature in a traditional environment. Glass stairs are an elegant addition to your home or premises. Glass floors and stairs are not only retro, but the new chic.

backpainted glass stairs