Backpainted glass

Backpainted glass is nothing but one side painted glass. It gives a glossy touch to your interior. We have unlimited colors available and will match any paint manufacture color for your back painted glass needs. We only use the highest quality glass back paint to create our products. Bear Glass offers you to choose your favorite color on back-painted glass. You can change the look of your old fashioned home by using our backsplash designs.

Backpainted glass can be used both for home and office purpose. Painted glass creates a product that out lasts most architectural products such as tiles and laminates. It doesn't allow mold or bacteria to form, it is water proof/resistant and it is very easy to clean since it is non porous.

Painted glass can use for domestic and commercial interior decoration, such as: message board, backsplash, picture frame, mirror boarder etc.


We use for these glass for backpainting

backpainted glass

Bear Glass gives you the best of all worlds

backpainted glass
  • Sophisticated style

  • Variety of applications

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Rugged durability

  • Easy cleanup

  • An endless choice of colors

Our Backpainted Glass Features

  • Custom manufactured to your specifications

  • Variety colors and custom color match capabilities

  • We provide Backpainted glass in size of 96'' χ 130''


Specializing in Back Painted Glass

Bear Glass company that is located in Brooklyn NY is a 4th generation glaziers specializing in Back Painted Glass. We can install your glass wall, cabinet doors, shower door, backsplash etc. Backpainted Glass is a Bear Glass specialty. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Call us with your special needs and your unusual requirements.