Backpainted glass furniture

We have unlimited colors available and will match any paint manufacture color for your back painted glass needs. We only use the highest quality glass back paint to create our products. Backpainted glass creates an elegant look to your interior decoration. Bear Glass provides a huge collection of painted glass furniture in U.S.A. We generally use starphire glass for backpainting. Because starphire glass gives more clarity than other glass. But we also provide acid etched backpainted glass, tempered backpainted glass, laminated backpainted glass etc.

Our backpainted glass furniture

Backpainted Glass tables

backpainted glass table top

Backpainted glass table top and table cover can use both for home and office purpose. There are various type of glass tables, like as: dining table, patio table, console table, coffee table, office table, conference table etc. We provide the best quality starphire backpainted glass for your glass table and table cover.

Backpainted Glass Cabinet door

backpainted glass cabinet door

Bear Glass provide unlimited stock of cabinet doors on low-iron backpainted glass, which is also known by starphire backpainted glass. You can install single panel cabinet door or more than 2/3 panel cabinet door. Frameless or framed any type of cabinet doors are available at Bear Glass.

Backpainted Wardrobe doors

backpainted glass wardrobe door

Wardrobe doors are also available in at Bear Glass. We provide the best quality starphire backpainted glass for wardrobe door. We also make custom backapinted door as per your order.

Backpainted Glass Counter top

backpainted glass counter top

For your office and home counter top can be used for both. Backpainted counter top generally made by starphire glass. We provide custom counter tops.


Backpainted Bed side tables

Backpainted bed side table also gives an elegant look to your bedroom interior. We are the best glass furniture maker in U.S.A. We have a wide color range for your backpainted glass furniture.