Backpainted glass backsplash

Bear Glass offers color Cote back painting

Bear Glass offers color Cote back painting for any variety of glass fabrication projects. With hundreds of colors to choose from, your project can be truly unique, bound only by the limits of your imagination. With our Backpainted glass backsplash, you can become the owner of the nicest kitchen or bathroom in your neighborhood.

Bear Glass offers Backsplash Glass panels in virtually limitless color choices, and can match any colors. We make an incredibly beautiful and unique Backsplash Glass. We have a special facility dedicated for back painted glass to provide our customers with the finest quality of Backsplash Glass.


Backsplash for kitchen purpose

Backpainted glass can give you a dramatic look for your kitchen interior. There are many backsplash colors and you can select it by your choice. You can be the owner a gorgeous modular kitchen.

  • It will be easy to clean the painted glass tile. Backsplash glass is semi transparent glass.

  • Bear glass offers lamited backsplash glass for you. You can install it for your kitchen purpose. You can istall a painted glass wall for your kitchen.

  • So you should use painted glass for your modular kitchen. Backsplash or painted glass always feel you a royalty in your kitchen.

Backsplash for bathroom purpose

A luxury bathroom can made by painted glass. Back painted glass gives your bathroom a stylish look. Backsplash glass creates an appealing glossy effect with translucent beauty which improves your interior. Bear Glass provides you a fashionable bathroom.

In your bathroom you can try a backpainted backsplash. We provide the highest quality of backpainted glass backsplash for your bathroom purpose.

  • It is also easy to clean the bathroom. After cleaning the bathroom it becomes like previous, when you bought it.

  • To use backsplash tile it gives you a royal feeling.

  • Back-painted glass can provides you a designer and fancy look bathroom.