Backpainted glass wall

Bear Glass has the largest collection of Backpainted glass. We stock up-to 96'' χ 130'' size backpainted glass. We provide the best quality backpainted glass wall in NY. We have many color for backpainting like: Bronze, Grey, Peach, blue etc. All colors are look so vibrant. We provide up to 5/8'' thick glass but any thickness can possible for backpainting glass.


Escalator and elevator walls

backpainted glass

Backpainted glass can be used for escalator wall. Backpainted glass can be customized with lamination. You can customized your color and design for escalator wall. It can be acid etched or can be ultra clear backpainted glass. Any type glass can be back painting. Backpainted glass also used for elevator wall panel. It can be used in elevator interior decoration.

Wall covering

backpainted glass

Backpainted glass is also used for wall covering. If you want to decorate a part of your interior wall, you can try our painted glass wall covering. Our back-painted glass colors are more vibrant than our competitors. We have the huge rage of colors for backpainting. Custom color to any color specification is the strength of Bear Glass. We supply back-painted glass in virtually any color with superb glass clarity thanks to our base material being a low iron glass. It adds an extra glow to your interior decoration.

Backpainted featured wall

You may know the term Feature Wall, when talking about interior design. Glass is durable and easy to clean, which makes glass a great option with kids. You can install a painted glass featured wall. Back-painted glass is a multi-purposeful design option that can be made in virtually any color. It is glossy and reflective, which is the perfect compliment to a matte, neutral-colored paint. In your office, hotels, restaurants, hospitals anywhere it can be used as reception wall, partition wall etc. Back painted glass is perfect for merging practical design and beautiful features for your next renovation.

backpainted glass

Glass can be used as backpainted glass wall